About Us

SO Digital, LLC is a lean website design and website development operation based out of Birmingham, Alabama. Some of the additional services we offer are SEO (Search Engine Optimization), WordPress site management and WordPress site maintenance, graphic design, logo design, copywriting and content generation. SO Digital, LLC is conveniently located approximately ~2.5 hours from Atlanta, GA and approximately ~4 hours from Alabama’s beautiful Gulf Coast, down in Mobile and Baldwin counties. When we refer to the business as being a “lean operation”, meaning two of most important principles for operation are:

  1. Quality of the completed project (website project, a logo refresher, a content order, etc…)
  2. Waste elimination (time, money, resources, etc…)

Ultimately, what this means for the client is lower cost because we have lower over-head than the big-box brands. Our clients receive top of the line customer care because we simply are not as a big as the other big-box brands. Our interactions are not complicated with bureaucracy and 10 different telephone numbers. The end result of a project is higher quality and faster delivery, due in part to: SO Digital, LLC, the designer/developer, and the client having been able to work together more often and with greater ease to create that perfect vision that is the clients. By the time the go live date arrives everything has been reviewed and approved. The dream becomes a reality. Is everything perfect all the time, of course not, but when it isn’t perfect the turn process is going to be much faster than the big-box brands.

SO, go ahead and give SO Digital, LLC a call at +1.205.558.8846, inbox SO Digital, LLC via FaceBook, or e-mail today and let’s discuss your next big project.